Corrugated bar

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Corrugated bar

Fiberglass rods and polyester or vinylester resin

Polyester Bars with Fiberglass for reinforcement of reinforced concrete. E fiberglass bars and polyester or vinylester resin that combine the good mechanical properties of the Pultrusion process and an outer sand coating for good adhesion to concrete.

Fiberglass rods are generally used for reinforcement of concrete and masonry structures.

Polyester resins are located in all types of products that are reinforced with fiberglass, as in covers, profiles, bodies or boat construction. Vinyl ester coatings require superior mechanical and thermal properties.
They can be used as an alternative to round stainless steel bars.


  • Not corrosive They are products that do not corrode next to aggressive substances. In addition to being inert to chlorine ions.
  • High strength and rigidity
  • Great durability
  • Very good mechanical properties.
  • Non-metallic and non-conductive It provides excellent electrical and thermal properties.
  • Four times lighter than steel.
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete.
  • No sparks in the cut.
  • This product is endowed with a tensile strength, which exceeds steel.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport.
  • Resistance to aggressive alkalis.
  • They significantly improve the longevity of civil engineering.
  • Provides reinforcement in hair-sensitive applications.



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  • Mining, subway and vertical wells
  • Tunnels that require temporary reinforcements of concrete structures
  • Concrete exposed to melting ice, waterfalls, structures exposed to sea salt and floating docks
  • Wastewater treatment plants, petrochemical plants, cellulose / paper mills
  • Cooling towers
  • Artificial stone, prefabricated concrete elements, fountains, etc.
  • Telephone communications facilities, magnetic resonance cameras, airport control towers, etc.
  • Processing industries of all kinds.
  • Applications that require low electrical conductivity or electromagnetic neutrality.
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